Konrad Von Stauffenburg

Current Hochmeister of the Order of Knight Teutonic, husband of Katherine of Lorraine


Konrad is an imposing man, standing at a towering 6,6" and weighing in at a staggering 285 pounds. His blonde hair is long and somewhat unkempt, braided with beads and metal decorations after the Bjorn tradition. His beard is grizzly, but kept short against his face, and is a brown-red in color. He typically wears simple chainmail armor, forgoing the heavier plate favored by most knights of the order. He often wears heavy cloaks and capes made of animal furs and leather, rather than the cotton or silk finery of the court. He is never seen without his legendary greatsword, Haliax.


Konrad Von Stauffenburg is the oldest son of Karl Von Stauffenburg, the late Emperor of the Reichstagg Empire. He was sent away to the Order by his father, who thought him far too temperamental to one day be emperor. He apprenticed under the Knight-Philosopher Hume, where his legendary rival with the Lorraine Prince Jean-Luc was born. The two noble children hated one another bitterly.

Konrad eventually received his knighthood and worked his way up the ranks of the Order until he was promoted to Ordenmeister over all of the eastern kingdoms in Cesyrea. When his father and younger brother were assassinated at the hands of his arch rival, Jean-Luc, he inherited his father’s throne as well. He learned of Jean-Luc’s plan to kidnap the princess Katherine of Upper Lorraine and marry her to his lackey, the Duke of Avaria, and decided to intervene. Konrad instead arranged for Katherine to be kidnapped by HIS forces, and soon thereafter married her, uniting the Reichstagg with Upper Lorraine, and earning himself an excommunication from the Late Pope Celestine XIV.

During the Great Rebellion, Konrad was the primary employer and financier of the Holy Alliance. He lead the armies of the free people into Eosburg, and was wounded in the final battle with the Pope. After the Rebellion, the council of Cesyrea decided that Katherine, his wife, should be the sole empress of the Reichstagg, while Konrad ought become the new Hochmeister of the Order and lead the Great Crusade to free the Goddess Vixa.

Konrad Von Stauffenburg

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