Alexandra Comenai

The Empress of the Crimean Empire


Alexandra is the world’s foremost Warlock, and is constantly brimming with arcane and eldritch energy. She stands taller than most women at 6’0" though not much heavier at 130 lbs. An incredibly beautiful woman by anyone’s standards, her fiendish heritage is evidenced by two delicate horns protruding from the crown of her skull and turning down, following her jawline. Her silvery blue hair and blazing purple eyes are enough to convince onlookers of her otherworldly heritage in case they miss the horns. She has a thin body, possessing a woman’s curves, but more akin to an Elven frame than a human one. She favors simple white dresses that show off as much of her deeply tanned skin as would be scandalous in any non-Crimean court. There is a certain cold hardness to her eyes that makes even the most stalwart man’s spine quiver at the sight of her despite her renowned beauty.


Empress Comenai is the half fiend daughter of the Emperor Beyond the Sea, and half sister to the Empire’s most hated enemy, the Pharoah Surkonad.

Originally she was arranged to be married to the late Emperor Octavius Comenai as a peace settlement between the EBtS and Crimea. On their wedding night, Octavius mysteriously died leaving his son Marus as Emperor. The Empire was taken aback when young Marus chose Alexandra to be his wife. Again, after the wedding, Marus mysteriously died, leaving behind no heirs.

While many objected to Alexandra’s keeping of the throne (she was after all, no blood relative to either Emperor) their voices were quickly eliminated by her agents. Within months, all dissent was silenced, and she was the sole ruler of the Ancient Empire.

It turned out the fears of the Crimean nobles were unfounded. Rather than become a puppet of her father, the Empress instead declared war on her half brother’s allies across the sea and burned many of his cities to the ground and flooded the treasury with gold. With brutal and callous efficiency, Alexandra purged the government of inneficiencies at all levels. Vast building projects were undertaken to update the Empire’s infrastructure. Neighboring countries were seduced, bullied, and intimidated into alliances with Crimea. The Empire rose into a golden age of wealth and prosperity.

The Empress uses this increased prosperity to further her war against her hated half brother. She built a standing and professional army, the largest navy and trade fleet in the known world, and created so much wealth for the Empire that the treasury is overflowing despite her cuts in taxes. Her policies and low taxes make her exceedingly popular with the common people who are fanatically loyal to the regime and the prosperity she has brought. She is less popular amongst the nobles, but none dare speak against her.

Alexandra Comenai

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