Afonso Del Leon Cortes

Deceased, former Knight of the Order, former Assassin


Afonso is the deceased companion to the original founders of the Holy Alliance. A typical Navarrene, he stood of typical height and build. He had olive dark skin, black curly hair, and a pearly white smile. His thick accent was matched with quick wit, charming tongue, and a “devilishly good looking” goatee. An incorrigible rogue to the end, he was a dog, a thief, a liar, and a thrill seeker. Untrustworthy to the extreme, when he wasn’t bragging about his success with the ladies, he was bragging about how untrustworthy he truly was.


Afonso Del Leon Cortes was born in Marrakesh, Navarre. Orphaned at a young age by the King’s constant crusading in the Holy Lands, he was raised by the streets to be a self reliant, enterprising little thief. He learned to take what he wanted, lie cheat steal, and do whatever necessary to survive.

He joined the Order when he was 16, deciding that three square meals a day was a nice gig. However, he hated enlisted life, so he forged nobility credentials and simply became a knight. He faked all of his church instruction, page tutorship, and actual knighting ceremony. Though he blended in well enough (after all, being a professional liar, he was very good at blending), nothing could stop his incessant whoring and drinking.

Trouble never stuck to Afonso for long, his charming smile and honey tongue always managed to free him from serious punishment for his behavior. He worked his way up the order by doing favors here and there. One day, he was assigned to escort a princess of Sienna to Marrakesh to marry King Charles’s son, William. Unfortunately, the young rogue simply could not control himself. Halfway to the castle, Afonso was discovered with the young princess, getting to know her a little too well.

Afonso was spared a beheading for his treachery, as it turned out he knew one of King Charles’s daughters rather well, and she begged for his life. So instead of beheading he was banished from the Kingdom and stripped of his Order credentials.

He joined up with Black Company, recruited by a man named Zaeed. He spent several years out in the vast Steppes, butchering barbarians and doing other things considered unseemly even to a street raised orphan. He told Zaeed he wanted out after 5 years. Zaeed agreed to release him from his contract after one last job, kill a church official by the name of Taerus.

Zaeed instead found himself captured and spared by Taerus and his group of adventurers, and decided to tag along with them on their travels, nothing better to do came to mind. He traveled with that group until his death during the Great Rebellion, when he gave his life so that the adventurers might reach the Goddess in time to save her.

Afonso Del Leon Cortes

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